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Verified Tobacco-Free

With increasing public attention, a number of financial organisations have expressed interest in promoting their tobacco-free position through the use of the Tobacco Free Portfolios logo. Others are keen to support Tobacco Free Portfolios to continue championing tobacco-free investment in Australian and across the globe.

As a result, Tobacco Free Portfolios is now launching a new initiative: Verified Tobacco-Free.  The Verified Tobacco-Free Badge will be available to be adopted by tobacco-free financial organisations.  The organisations can proudly display the Badge to demonstrate their tobacco-free status, members can then be sure that their money is not being invested in tobacco companies, heightened public awareness will encourage more financial organisations to go tobacco-free and money raised will directly expand the reach of our work.

Conditions of Use


Use of the Verified Tobacco-Free Badge is conditional on the following:

  • All active, direct investment specifically excludes tobacco manufacturers; and
  • The organisation will seek tobacco-free products as they become available in order to eliminate any exposure to tobacco manufacturers through collective investment vehicles or derivatives.


Verification of the Commitment involves a signed declaration by an authorised representative of the organisation.

Please note that confirmation by an external agency/auditor as appointed by Tobacco Free Portfolios will be required in the future. Organisations are expected to comply with auditor/agency requests for information and transparency. Any information supplied or accessed during this process will only be used for the purpose of verifying the Commitment.


The Verified Tobacco-Free Badge will be made available in accordance with a fee schedule and will be charged annually based on the date of first issue.

Financial contributions received through the Verified Tobacco-Free Badge allows Tobacco Free Portfolios, a not-for-profit organisation with DGR status, to continue engaging with the finance sector to encourage tobacco-free investment.

Issue and Renewal

The Verified Tobacco-Free Badge will be made available for 12 months from the date of first issue.

Each calendar year a new Verified Tobacco-Free Badge with the relevant year detailed will be available for use by participating organisations, following external verification.

Transfer, Alterations and Publicity

The Verified Tobacco-Free Badge may only be used by the entity that has been verified, this does not include related subsidiaries, unless specified and agreed between the organisation and Tobacco Free Portfolios.

The Verified Tobacco-Free Badge must not be altered in any way. Tobacco Free Portfolios reserves the right to request the removal of the Badge, if it has been altered.

Promotion and Use

The Verified Tobacco-Free Badge may be used by participating organisations for the following:

  • On websites and promotional materials;
  • Internally for staff to demonstrate organisational values;
  • For consumer and third party promotion; and
  • To demonstrate industry and Australian leadership on an initiative that is now having global influence.

The logos of the organisations that adopt the Verified Tobacco-Free Badge can be (if elected):

  • Promoted on the Tobacco Free Portfolios website, commonly used as a resource for tobacco-free investment; and
  • Included in Tobacco Free Portfolios presentations, which are delivered to a range of audiences across sectors including financial services, governments and health sectors globally.

Change in Status

Organisations are obliged to advise Tobacco Free Portfolios if they are no longer compliant with the provisions of the Commitment within 4 weeks of a change of status and the use of the Verified Tobacco-Free Badge will be revoked.