Encouraging Tobacco Free Investment

We are a not-for-profit organisation. Our mission is to inform, prioritise and advance tobacco free investment by eliminating tobacco from investment portfolios across the globe.

The challenge

Many people are unknowingly contributing to what the World Health Organisation has described as a global tobacco epidemic.

Most pension fund members are invested in default investment options, which unbeknown to them, are invested in tobacco companies. Such financial support of the tobacco industry stands in sharp contrast to the efforts of the global health sector to advance tobacco control and the commitment demonstrated by 180 governments that have signed the UN Tobacco Treaty.

Our People

Dr Bronwyn King
Clare Payne
Dr Rachel Melsom

Our vision

Tobacco Free Portfolios aims to reduce and ultimately eliminate pension fund investment in tobacco.

Dr. Bronwyn King is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tobacco Free Portfolios. Dr. King is also the Project Manager for the Global Task Force for Tobacco Free Portfolios, which leads a global coalition of like-minded individuals and organisations from government, business and health sectors to encourage sovereign wealth funds and pension funds to go tobacco-free.

Become Involved

Tobacco Free Portfolios needs ongoing collaborative support from individuals and organisations to achieve its important mission of informing, prioritising and advancing tobacco free investment.

  • Go tobacco free

    If you are a key decision-maker or in a position of influence within a financial organisation, please consider implementing tobacco free investment mandates.

  • Endorse

    If you support our work and vision, please endorse Tobacco Free Portfolios. Endorsements by recognised organisations and individuals serve to strengthen the case for tobacco free investment and can influence others to do the same.

  • Network

    Telling the tobacco story of how Tobacco Free Portfolios was founded is a great way to inform the finance sector and the community of the scale and significance of this issue. If you see an opportunity for us to tell our story, please let us know. We regularly present at conferences, boardroom meetings and industry events.

  • Facilitate

    Facilitating introductions to government, business and health leaders is a great way to assist us in our work.

  • Finance

    Financial contributions, in the form of tax-deductible donations, are welcomed and allow us to continue this important work.

  • Act

    You can play your part by ensuring your investments, including pension contributions, are not invested in tobacco.  Contact your pension fund or financial advisor directly and simply ask the question – are any of my investments/contributions invested in tobacco manufacturers?

News & Events

23 May 2016

AXA Goes Tobacco Free

1.8 billion € of Tobacco stocks and bonds divested.

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2 Dec 2015

2015 VicHealth Preventing Tobacco Use Award

Tobacco Free Portfolios, led by Dr Bronwyn King takes out the award for preventing tobacco use.

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17 Nov 2015


Dr King talks to eCancerTV at the World Cancer Leaders Summit

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30 Oct 2015

2015 Women in Financial Services Industry Advocacy Award

Clare Payne, Chief Operating Officer of Tobacco Free Portfolios and founder of the Banking Finance Oath, received this prestigious award in October 2015.

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